Why Jamaica

Why Jamaica

Jamaica’s Mining Sector is well-established and excellently positioned to enjoy greater revenue earnings from key opportunities in areas such as the production of limestone and its high-value derivatives. With over 50 billion tonnes of proven limestone reserves, the island is primed to increase its market share in this multi-billion dollar global industry.


Rich Mineral Endowments

Jamaica has abundant mineral resources such as limestone, bauxite, clay, shale and hard volcanic rocks for skid resistant aggregate.

High Quality Limestone

Jamaica has some of the purest deposits of limestone in the world, with proven reserves estimated at 50 billion tonnes. There is vast potential for limestone mining, quarrying and the export of our high-quality raw limestone and value-added products.

Convenient and Cost-effective Extraction

Mineral deposits lie close to the surface, which makes for safe, cost-effective and efficient extraction.

Strong Track Record

Major industry players have made substantial investments in the country’s Mining Sector in the past 50 years, and this has facilitated the build-out of supporting infrastructure for the mining and production of bauxite/alumina.

Proximity to Major Markets

Jamaica is close to lucrative international markets such as North America and Brazil.




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