Why Jamaica

Why Jamaica

Jamaica's value proposition as the ideal location for agricultural and/or agribusiness-related investment is predicated on an expansive local market bolstered by three million visiting tourists annually, the increasing demand for high quality Jamaican produce overseas and the country's proximity to key export markets. Other factors that enhance Jamaica's appeal include:

Ideal Climatic Conditions

Jamaica's elevation ranges from sea level to over 7000 ft. resulting in  a variety of "mini-climates", allowing for the production of a variety of crops, from tropical to those suited to cooler climates such as strawberries and coffee.  

Available Land for Farming

With roughly 516,000 acres of arable land in the country, there are tremendous opportunities for investors in Jamaica's agriculture sector to serve domestic needs as well as export to markets worldwide.

Home to Premium Crops

Premium Jamaican crops such as the world famous Blue Mountain Coffee, fine/flavour cocoa, high quality pimento and ginger are rated among the best in the world

Preferential Market Access

Jamaica's exports benefit from preferential market access under a number of trade arrangements.



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